My Twisted Mission

CURLS ARE BACK,!!!! The resurgence of curls is a wonderful thing, however many of us are starting from ground zero  when it comes to the styling, care and ongoing maintenance of our twisted textures. Because the foundation of beautiful, bountiful curls is hair and scalp health, I've made texture wellness my primary focus for each and every guest. Here is where I save ya' life....I created The Twisted Suite to be a safe place for the complete curl audience. Whether your hair is wavy, loose curly, tight curly, coily, kinky, frizzy or a combination of two or more textures, The Suite is a place where your questions and concerns are always taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect. Your journey is my journey and your Twisted Texture is my business!

Areas of Expertise

Nothing complements an amazing shape like just the right color. Whether an all over tint, lift and tone, highlights or a simple but beautiful demi-glaze, your color service will be done with the health and integrity of your twisted textures in mind.

ArchiTEXTURE is the name of the game. Being a very visual person, of course I'm always blown away by hair with amazing shape and geometry. A proper cut  coupled with highly defined and moisturized curls is what I like to call "built in style". However, for those of us who crave something extra, The Twisted Suite also offers styling services such as rod/roller sets, updos, twists, twist outs, blowouts and much more!

The foundation of lasting beauty is wellness. The Twisted Suite offers a  comprehensive treatment menu that addresses scalp wellness, restoring and maintaining curl structure and integrity and everything in between. 

Twisted Work

The Twisted Suite


5288 W 34th Street, (#214) Houston TX 77092